Platform in Ireland

DAB Ireland Mux1 (RTE)

This multiplex operates on Block 12C (227.360 MHz) from just five transmitters: Three Rock Co. Dublin, Kippure Co. Wicklow, Clermont Carn Co. Louth, Spur Hill Cork, and Woodcock Hill Limerick. Hence the service is only available in parts of Ireland. Its line-up has varied heavily since its launch – initially on January 1, 2006. All stations are provided by RTÉ. As of June 2009, it is carrying:

It is proposed that this multiplex cease operation in April 2020.

Platform in Ireland

Ireland FreeDAB Network

The FreeDAB [4] service launched on 22 March 2019 by a Cork radio enthusiast on blocks 5A (Dublin and Cork) 5B (North East) and 7D (Sligo). FreeDAB is an unlicenced service specifically setup to give more variety to the end user and in turn encourage the transition to the DAB platform. FreeDAB will continue to implement new services across Ireland by March 2020.
Their multiplexes currently serve Dublin, Cork, Sligo, Waterford and Donegal town.
  • Zenith rock,128kbs Stereo
  • TrancePulse, 128kbs Stereo
  • Spektrum Radio, 128kbs stereo
  • Trax Dubin. 128kbs, Stereo
  • Polish Radio Ireland, 96kbs stereo Dab plus. (Ireland’s first Polish music broadcaster) 
  • Atlantis UK, 64kbs stereo
  • Coast 2 Coast, 64kbs stereo
  • Dublin’s ABC
  • Golden Oldies
  • Hit Music Radio, 64kbs stereo
  • Kiss Cork
  • Nineties, 128k stereo
  • Nineties+
  • Soul City, 64kbs stereo
  • Sovereign Gold, 64kbs stere
  • Storm North East, 96kbs stereo
  • Wild Country, 64k stereo
  • NRGradio, 192kbs stereo
  • Total country, 128kbs stereo
  • Coast canary islands, 96kbs stereo 
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