All new cars in Europe will be equipped with DAB +, the digital successor to FM, as standard within two years

Policymakers, broadcasters and car manufacturers will kick off the European Electronic Communication Code (EECC) that entered into force on December 20, 2018 at the Brussels Motor Show. This means that all new cars will soon be equipped as standard with a receiver for digital ether radio (DAB +), the successor to FM. EU Member States have two years to transpose the code into national law.

More than 1 million DAB + radios have been sold in the Netherlands since 2014. Of the newly sold cars in 2018, 38% left the garage with a standard DAB + car radio. Both the NPO and the commercial national radio stations have rolled out strong national coverage networks. DAB + offers listeners advantages such as more broadcasting choice in the air and digital sound quality.

Jos de Groot, Director of Digital Economy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate: “Everything in society is digitizing. The radio does that too. Europe has decided that all new cars should be equipped with a digital radio within two years. I think that is a very good step. ”

Jurre Bosman, chairman of the Digital Radio Netherlands Steering Committee and director of audio NPO: “DAB + is firmly established in Europe and this measure ensures that more drivers can soon experience the benefits of digital ether radio: more choice and digital sound quality. In anticipation of the transposition of this European code into Dutch law, it is important that car manufacturers and importers ensure that DAB + is supplied as standard as possible or in every option package. ”

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